Closed Alpha for Echo VR open on March 26th, Sign-up Now!

by Valda Fox

VR game developer Ready At Dawn’s Virtual Reality game Echo VR will finally be available to play on Oculus Quest. Yesterday it was announced that Echo VR will open a closed Alpha for Oculus Quest and Rift/Rift S players on March 26th, that’s next Thursday already! You can sign up here.

We were supposed to be able to play the game last year but due to some delays the release was pushed to 2020. In Echo VR you team up with your buddies and play team-vs-team and play zero-gravity Frisbee against each other. But as robots and with a futuristic high-speed disc and in a futuristic space setting. And after that you can just chill in the Echo VR lobby with your team mates and your competitors as well.

Official description of the game says that: “Echo VR is your gateway to Echo Arena. Experience the freedom of zero-g movement while hanging out in the Echo VR social lobby where you can meet new people or jump into the action of Echo Arena. In Echo Arena, your team will face off against the competition in a zero-gravity clash of robotic glory as you glide, boost, and punch your way to scoring goals in a breathtaking virtual arena.”

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