Closed Beta announced for arena-scale VR shooter: Space Pirate Arena on Oculus Quest

by Valda Fox

This year is shaping up to be a great year for arena-scale VR game fans. I-Illusions have announced that they are ready to start a limited beta test for Space Pirate Arena. So far this year we have already seen arena-scale games like MissionX, Cyberaction Arena and Triton VR released for Oculus Quest.

I-Illusions shared their great news in a twitter post sharing a link where you can sign up for the limited beta. Space Pirate Arena is a competitive player-vs-player shooter that puts players in a futuristic Space Pirate Trainer universe. Game developers say that this game is the future of lasertag. Developers also say that this game is “Designed to get players off their couches and onto basketball courts, halls, and tennis courts – zapping with friends in a multiplayer frenzied game of hide and seek”.

To play Space Pirate Arena you will need: at least 10x10m of open space (though the recommended space is 12x12m), not in direct sunlight; two Oculus Quest headsets; a computer; a buddy to play the game with. That’s it. You don’t even have to worry about high-quality Wi-Fi connection because players connect to a server application operated via personal computer.

Here are some Space Pirates Arena testing videos:

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