Control’s update will fix the map readability issue, new Shield Rush ability added

by Valda Fox

 Control is considered one of the best games released in 2019. Though soon after the game was released players had some complaints. It was about the difficulty of reading the game map and game developers took this complaint seriously and started working on fixing it.

Soon after players started to complain about the game’s map Remedy issued a statement to let the game fans know that they have started to fix the problem. The purpose of this update was to fix the issues with the map failing to load not with the difficulty of players actually reading the map.

Now with this new update Remedy is targeting the issue of the map’s actual readability. There was a video released today where Remedy outlined the main goals of the upcoming update, that also included a video from the game that shows new map UI that looks like it is doing a better job on highlighting the different levels of the Oldest House.

The update will drop in a few days on March 26th. This is also the day when Control’s first expansion will be released on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 4. The title of the expansion is named The Foundation. The expansion will go deep into the lowest levels of the Old House and Jesse will be able to discover its secrets. As a result of that the levels will get a bit more confusing but no worries, the improved map will help players with that.

Some other things that the new update will do are: add a new ability called Shield Rush that will allow Jesse to pull rubble from around he environment to create a shield in front of herself and then run into enemies; revise the ability tree and add a new feature that will let players relocate Jesse’s ability points; for Control players with RTX graphic cards Remefy is adding Nvidia DLSS 2.0.

The update will be live for all consoles and PC. Though the Xbox One will get the Foundation expansion only on June 25.

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