Valve thinks Half-Life: Alyx be modded to play without VR?

by Valda Fox

Half-Life: Alyx was specially built for VR headsets. And that is the only way you can play it now. But video game developer Robin Walker who works for Valve and has co-developed Quake Team Fortress, Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life: Alyx believes that that’s about to change.  In fact, he thinks that there already is someone out there who is working hard on modifying a version of Half-Life: Alyx that would be playable on a screen. Walker said: “I know it’s going to happen.”

Though this might not set right with some developers because the game is created to be played in a specific way when modified the game possibly just wouldn’t be so spectacular as it is right now on VR headsets or maybe it wouldn’t even be interesting. That’s way Walker says that: “There are a set of people on the team that are concerned about that. Personally, I’m not concerned about it at all.” 

Walker even explains why this would be a good thing because it would highlight the reason why they did the game in VR: It will clearly demonstrate to people why we did this in VR. It will be a very crisp way of seeing all the stuff we got for the move into VR. If people play [modified version] and say this is just as good, that will teach me a lot. I will realize I’m wrong, and we didn’t get as much as we thought, and I love to know whenever I’m wrong.”

The whole greatness of this game hides in the ability to actually be in the game world, feel everything, interact with it as it would be in real life. And there is no doubt that the game would lose its edge if it were played on a screen with a mouse and a keyboard.

“Yes, it’s going to happen. I’m fine with it, for the sake of the other members of the team I don’t want to say I encourage you to do it, but it’s going to happen. I think people will then hopefully have an even greater understanding of why we decided to build the product in VR than they do now, “ said Walker.

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