HP is teasing a new HP VR Headset created in collab with Valve & Microsoft

by Valda Fox

With Half:Life: Alyx taking over every front page of every gaming site you might have missed it but HP teased a new VR headset that is designed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft. HP posted in their official website the statement:

“Next Gen HP VR Headset Coming soon.  Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, the next gen HP VR headset delivers a more immersive, comfortable and compatible experience than the previous generation. It’s the new standard in VR.”

The last VR headset that HP has released is HP Reverb which was released not that long ago, last year. This VR headset got some pretty rough reviews from many players who complained about faulty hardware. Though the ones who got their HP Reverbs fully working were very pleased with its capabilities. Most of all – the lightweight design and the crystal-clear visuals.

We really can’t comment much about the capabilities or features that the new headset will have. Because all we have for now is a couple of sentences in HP website and a 14 second teaser of the headset. From what we can see in the teaser it looks like the next gen HP VR Headset will have some similar visual features as its predecessor HP Reverb. Two front facing cameras and built in headphones.

HP Reverb is priced at $600, but it looks like this new headset might cost a bit more. Because HP is praising this headset as “the new standard in VR” and “no-compromise VR headset.” Also lets not forget that HP is collaborating with Valve who just recently released arguably the best most powerful headset ever and it costs $999. Let’s hope the price wont jump so high. Though one thing is sure – the demand for VR headsets is growing. And with all the good VR headsets sold out because of Half-Life: Alyx, we could use another great VR headset.

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