Read why everyone is so hyped-up about Half-Life: Alyx

by Valda Fox

Its now been a few days since this years most anticipated VR game Half-Life: Alyx has been released. And all the gaming sites and my twitter is full of articles about Half-Life: Alyx and how it is the best game ever. And I believe every single one of them. I will round up the 5 things that gamers appreciate the most about this action, horror, zombie, science fiction game:

  • The game starts off slowly, even if it is your first time playing a VR game you will feel comfortable playing Half-Life: Alyx. First few hours of the game you will spend slowly introducing yourself to how things work in VR. You will have some time to look around picking things up, moving things, trying out all of your capabilities the gloves give you. And once you are used to the game Valve puts you in situations where you have to use your newly learned skills as the pressure increases little by little.
  • The stunning attention to detail. Valve developer team really has done a great job in polishing every interaction player has in the game. For example – healing stations. Seams like a boring thing that you just have to do to continue the game. But not in Half-Life: Alyx. You have to stand there and watch an alien bug who is being crushed alive to suck out its essence to be injected in your hand to give you energy. Every experience is so real that it will take just a few Combine solders to get your heart racing as for the Half-Life it would take a dozen. There are a lot of showstopping moments that will leave you breathless in this game.
  • The Story and your journey. Game begins grand. The music, you as Alyx overlooking City 17. The story begins five years before the events of Episode 2. You are Alyx Vance and your mission in this game is to save your father, The Combine have him. Character that will be helping you throughout the game is Russell. He is a friend in the resistance. Your dialog with him will actually be entertaining. While some players have already finished the main story of the game. Some spend hours and hours exploring the amazing world of Half-Life: Alyx exploring every room every detail, because it is worth it the gaming world has not seen this kind of game ever before.
  • Watch someone play Half-Life: Alyx is almost as fun as playing it yourself. Every situation, every battle and how you want to play it out is totally up to you, so it’s fun to watch. Valve even has thought about the spectator view and included some nice options that will help streamers or just your friends to watch you play.

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