Google’s Tilt Brush is finally launched on PSVR

by Valda Fox

This has come as a sudden surprise – Tilt Brush VR is now available on PSVR. Download it on PlayStation Store here.

Tilt Brush is an original VR painting app created by Google. The app allows its players to paint with a virtual brush in a 3D space. The app will unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brushstrokes and the ability to walk in your own artwork. The whole room becomes your canvas, the color palette has no limits and the possibilities of what you can create in this app are endless.

The VR painting app was first released on HTC Vive when it got released and that was 4 years ago. Since then Tilt Brush popularity has grown and the app has added some new features and now it is available on every major VR headset out here.

There should be another great app similar to Tilt Brush coming to PSVR soon. It’s titled Dreams and it not only allows players to make their own 3D art but also allows to animate it.

If you like 3D painting you should check out this 3D coloring book Color Space.

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