Quest gets first Arizona Sunshine DLC “Dead Man”, “The Damned” coming in April

by Valda Fox

Arizona Sunshine, a zombie survival first-person shooter released in 2017, will be getting its first paid DLC for Quest.

Paid DLC Dead Man has originally launched in 2018 on PC VR. This is a prequel campaign that tasks players to infiltrate the missile base as Corporal John Dockson. Your mission is to launch a nuclear-warhead loaded missile vital to stopping the spread of zombies.  Players who already have purchased Dead Man on Oculus store for Rift will already have Dead Man for free on Quest. Though it’s not like it’s very expensive, it costs $2.50.

In this paid DLC players will get not only a new campaign mission, new character customization but also three new weapons to help fight the undead: a two-handed shotgun, a fully automatic submachine gun and a tactical handgun. Also like the PC VR version of the DLC, Quest will support two-player co-op.

The last paid DLC for PC VR was launched late last year and it is titled The Damned. This DLC will arrive on Quest in April and it will cost $5.

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