Popular VR puzzle game ‘FORM’ is coming to PS VR on April 7th

by Valda Fox

Game developer company Charm Games has announced that the VR puzzle game FORM will be coming to PS VR on April 7th, 2020. Originally the game launched back in 2017 and was supposed to be released on PS VR in 2018. Well, better late than never.

In FORM is a surreal adventure where you have to solve one intriguing puzzle after another. In this game you play as the gifted Dr. Eli and you have superhuman powers of geometric visualization. “Use your powers to follow the signal through The Obelisk and explore dream-like memories to unlock puzzles in your own mind. This path could lead you to a new existence…or it could leave you trapped in your past forever.”

The game will give you a unique VR experience with beautiful, transforming environments and you can play at your own pace because there are no timers or deaths.

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