VR dueling game Ironlights to be released on April 9th

by Valda Fox

Ironlights is a VR dueling game developed by E McNeill. Ironlights will be released on April 9th, 2020.

Game offers a skillful, fluid melee combat. There is a variety of weapons that you can choose from so you can play your favorite fighting style either you are a Ninja or a Knight. You can go on multiplayer battles or choose to play an interesting single-player campaign. What’s great is that Ironlights supports online cross-platform multiplayer battles.

So how does this game differ from other VR fighting games? Ironlights developers focused on solving VR fighting game problems like for example the useless controller wagging because the weapon has no wight and does not stop when hitting an object. Here is how Ironlights will solve these problems:

  • Physics-based: All weapons have weight and momentum, although we prioritized “feeling right” over realistic simulation.
  • Slow motion: During melee combat, time slows down, so you have to move your body like you’re in slow-mo to maintain optimal control of your weapons.
  • One hit per swing: Weapons “shatter” after each hit instead of bouncing off, so there’s no disconnect between your weapon and your controller.
  • Asymmetrical melee: During melee combat, only the attacker can do damage, while the defender can only block, resulting in more interesting and dramatic swordplay.
  • Energy meter: Your energy is limited, and you need it to attack, which adds a layer of strategy and improves the pacing of the battle.

The game will be available on Steam, and the Oculus Store for Quest and Rift.

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