Swing and Shoot in new VR game SWARM coming this summer to Oculus Quest and PC VR

by Valda Fox

Videogame developer Greensky Games has announced that they will be releasing their VR grapple first-person shooter Swarm in summer 2020. In this game you can swing between platforms in mid-air while shooting your enemies.

As you can see in this newly released Swarm trailer players can swing between floating platforms while shooting enemies. The founder of Greensky Games – Peter Le Bek says “The gameplay is fast-paced and intense. You’re moving all the time, swinging through explosions, plunging down on enemy bots while showering them with fire. It’s the most intense movement experience you can have in VR without getting dizzy or motion sick.”

Though such fast pace moving in VR can be difficult for some players because of wires or limited space, game developers have worked on various solutions for that. One of them being that in Swarm makes the world appear as if it was coming to the player. You may have seen grappling and swinging mechanics in other VR games, but not like this. In Swarm players while grappling and pulling platforms are able to move around game world feely.

On other concern for players in games like this is motion sickness. But after quite a bit of testing Greensky Games have created the game motion sickness free, but have added some comfort settings just in case. Developers say: “We were really worried that the movement would be too intense for most people. So when we tested with everyone in our office – most of whom had never tried VR before – we were really surprised that no one complained about motion sickness.”

Swarm will be aveilable on Oculuc Quest and Oculus Rift and Steam VR. Here is the games official website.

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