Become Earthbender in new VR game RUMBLE, Coming Soon in Early Access

by Valda Fox

Buckethead Entertainment has developed new VR avatar-style VR game titled Rumble. The game will be released in Early Access on Steam very soon.

Rumble is an Eartbending fighting game where similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender you as a player have the ability to control the earth beneath your feet and use it to fight your opponent in online PVP battles. Game creators Buckethead Entertainment say that when creating this game they were inspired by several styles of martial arts.

“Chain poses together, flowing from one on to the next to create a pose combo! Pose combos have different effects based on the poses used, all combos are unique, and there’s a situation for every single one. You don’t just use attacks, you create them. Train yourself up in the gym and once you’re confident you’ve got what it takes, you can put your skills and creativity to the test in the arena.”

The official Rumble game Steam site states that the game will be released “soon” for PC VR headsets. If you are an Oculus Quest user don’t be sad because game developers say that creating an Oculus Quest version f the game might happen we just don’t know when jet.

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