Big Farm: Story mobile game, create your new dream farm

Harvest goods, fish and help neighbours.

Prepared to open Goodgame Studios launches Big Farm: Story, a mobile game to make a new dream farm where players may harvest produce, fish and also aid neighbours.

Available for download via Google Play on international stores. Big Farm: Story is a mobile game to construct a fantasy farm. Prepared to find the missing grandfather you are going to begin out of a deserted place to a small village surrounded by peaceful nature. Build structures, grow vegetables, fruits, gardening, and enlarge create on the current market, decorate the backyard and wear clothes for the figures. In addition, they meet with new friends in every corner of the city and produce their own communities. In-game features – Harvest products and sell them in the industry. – Construct a dream farm with several decorations. – Alter the drama in your favourite style – Meet and help neighbours In which they will have distinct stories – Enjoy the Gorgeous scenery – Take care of adorable pets to mature

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Clash for Camelot, King Arthur a real-time mobile MMO strategy game announces CBT testing for Clash for Camelot, a real-time mobile strategy MMO game on a large hexagonal map. Available for download via Google Play on the US and Canada store.

Clash for Camelot is a mobile MMO strategy game set on a large hexagon map. Take King Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin and the knights to protect the kingdom from evil. Within the game, players will use a matching system that has similar skills. You can play Solo or Co-op as well. Protect your territory and capture areas from players.

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League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury pre-registers

MMORPG in the LOA series from GTarcade and Youzoo

GTarcade and Youzoo GAMES announce pre-registration for the first League of Angels action-based MMORPG series, League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury, via the official website. And can follow more news via Facebook Fanpage

GTarcade and Youzoo GAMES announce pre-registration for the first League of Angels action-based MMORPG series, League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury, via the official website. And can follow more news via Facebook Fanpage

League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury is an Action MMORPG in the League of Angels series. It comes with intense stories featuring both PVE and PVP modes. You will choose characters from 3 professions with skill sets and playing styles. Different Complete the mission and set out on an adventure to save the world from darkness. You can also increase the power by adding armor, riding animals, fairies, spirits and install useful equipment as well.

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Nintendo is ready to participate in the Taipei Game Show 2020

Lately, the fans It can be observed that Nintendo is quite open to new markets. That has the potential like China or other countries More, whether it is announcing a partnership with Tencent to distribute Nintendo Switch, as well as joining ChinaJoy, a movement that is rarely seen from this label. And most recently, the organizer confirmed that Nintendo will also travel to this year’s T a Taipei Game Show 2020.

However, Nintendo has not created a booth to preview new games. Other labels like Sony Interactive Entertainment But their representatives will have business discussions in the B2B zone and have a booth reserved for specific partners together. Next predicted that Nintendo should travel to contact the developer in the trend of producing games on their own platform only.

Finally, we have to wait and see where Nintendo will go in the game. Because in the future, they may actually bring public booths to exhibit, which have to admit that the future of the latest hybrid game console of the game is in a good mood. And if there is any new news or progress, ThisIsGame Thailand will not miss sharing the fans Same here again as usual.

According to the organizers, Nintendo will be participating in the show at the B2B zone. Their booth could be found at F05. As the B2B zone is only open from February 6 to February 7 for members of the industry, members of the public will not be able to visit the booth on February 8 and February 9.

HeartsWar cute cartoon graphics game by PlayPark

HeartsWar regenerated God of War New mobile games from, the best MMORPG game with cute cartoon graphics in the open-world style that will take you on an adventurous journey across a vast land. The main character can change careers freely. Cool and unique costumes Ready to enjoy the battle for the 1st with PVP and Guild War also has the advantage of the mercenary system that will help to play, help attack and fight. 

Available for participation in Closed Beta testing from today – 22 December 2019 for both iOS and Android. Download now !!

HeartsWar regenerated God of War Available to participate in the Closed Beta test today for both iOS and Android. In addition, you can follow more news and other interesting events of HeartsWar Mobile on the website. or on the Facebook Page PlayPark HeartsWar.