Lineage 2M – pre-download on Nov 25 + new logo

The official launch of Lineage 2M (Korean version) is in a week and game developer NCSoft has announced that the game will be available for pre-download on November 25 and the official launch is on November 27.

Also, NCSoft has revealed a new Lineage 2M logo that as the developer says – focuses more un the 2 (II) than the logo that was first released. This change was made to convey the legacy of Lineage 2 and the start of a new era with the new mobile game Lineage 2M.

Right now, the Lineage 2M pre-registration for the game is still live on here but only for four more days because it will close on November 24. Right now, there are over 7 million pre-registrations for the game already and it is predicted that the number will grow even more over the next few days. As a reminder, if you pre-register you will get items like – successors, spirits, rings, ammunition boxes etc. after the official game launch.

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Crimson Desert – Pearl Abyss upcoming epic-fantasy world MMORPG

Crimson Desert is one of the five upcoming games created by popular Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss. There is not much information about this game jet, but we do have a stunning game trailer that shows gameplay, a bit of the story and the vast fantasy game world.

Crimson Desert is an open-world MMORPG that is set in a massive medieval fantasy world “An Age of Fading Legends. A Saga Written in Blood”. You will fight for your survival when various beasts and monsters will attack you. Not only that there are three tribes that fight with each other to get the control of the Pywell continent to get the bloody crown showed in the trailer.  “The North is full of dangers whether you are a prince or a peasant [..] only the strong will survive”.

Crimson Desert is produced by Pearl Abyss since 2018 by Jason Jung who is a former Game Design Director of RYL Online. Also working on this game is the founder of Pearl Abyss – Dae-il Kim. In charge of the action combat system for the game is a former Lead Combat Designer of RYL Online and C9 – Eter Lee.

Here is Crimson Desert trailer:

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Right now there is no information on when the game will be released or some more specific features of the game, but you can subscribe to Crimson Desert newsletter on the games official website to be the first to know any updates.

Closed Beta Test registration for Shadow Arena is open+new trailer

The creator of the wildly popular game Black Desert Online Pearl Abyss just had the company’s press conference – Pearl Abyss Connect 2019 which was held at G-Star 2019 in Busan, South Korea. During this conference a new trailer was released for their upcoming fantasy arena fighter game – Shadow Arena.

The game was produced by Kwang Sam Kim the lead producer of Black Desert on consoles. Shadow Arena is a new fantasy arena fighter, survival game that promises its players “Fast-paced action, intense combat, and never the same fight twice”. Right now, it is clear that this is a PC game but it is not confirmed jet if the console versions are coming too.

During the Pearl Abyss press conference, the Closed Beta Test for Shadow Arena was revealed. You can still register for the Closed Beta Test on their official website. They are recruiting up to 10 000 players. They will be announcing the participant confirmations via email in three rounds. The first one was on November 11 but there are still two more to go – second on November 18 and the third and final on November 21. The Closed Beta Test itself will be from November 21 until November 24.

An official release date of Shadow Arena has not been announced jet.

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Fantasy Earth Genesis English version open for pre-registration!

Mobile action MMORPG Fantasy Earth Genesis was first released in Japan in 2018 and developed by Asobimo and published by Square Enix. Now the developer has announced that the pre-registration for the games English Version is now live on their official website. Developers have already set the pre-registration goals with rewards for players after reaching each milestone.

Fantasy Earth Genesis is a gacha game sequel to the classic mobile MMORPG Fantasy Earth Zero. Here are some of the main features of the game:

  • Huge game world
  • Refined 3D graphics
  • Massive 50 vs 50 PvP system – 50 vs. 50 Battle Royales where there is up to 50 real-time battles
  • There are three main fractions/families to choose from, each of the families have three characters
  • There are five classes each with unique abilities and skills
  • Players can summon a powerful beast to help them in battles

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Upcoming MMORPG Lineage 2M Giran 3rd town revealed

Video game developer NCSoft has already revealed the information about Diaon and Gludio and now there 3rd town in Lineage 2M Giran has been revealed.

Lineage 2M Giran town

The city of Giran is the biggest trading town in the world of Lineage 2M, it is also a port town. If you are Lineage II fan you may already be familiar with the areas in this town – Medusa Garden, Brreka Den, Marauder’s Camp, Forest of no return, Gorgon’s Flower Garden, Death corridor, Dragon Valley, Cave of Antharas, Giran Harbor, Giran Castle Town.

lineage 2m giran

Players are able to view all these places listed before on Aden’s World Map that has unfolded Lineage 2M storyline at the World Teleport on the World Map menu on the game’s official website. You will see Oren, Aden, Innardel, Giran. New information on the remaining three Lineage 2M territories will be coming soon.

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There will be a lot more info coming very soon because though the Lineage 2M release date in the west is quite far, the Korean version of the game will be released very soon on November 27, 2019.

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