Nostos – new cross-platform multiplayer for PC & VR

Nostos is a brand-new open-world RPG adventure game from videogame publisher and developer NetEase Games. Nostos is available for PC & VR, though it does not require a VR headset, you can play it in standard mode on PC. The game is available on Steam.

Nostos is set in an open world which players take the role of an adventurer and can go explore with your friends, build a base and fight, explore historical traces and remains of the war and find the truth that’s hidden by time.

The game has a stunning open world with day and night and all four seasons, desert, snowfields, grassland and full of animals, seeds that grow. Though the land might seem peaceful it is actually surrounded by the toxic coralseas and the creatures from the coralseas are the enemies.

Though what is impressive is that you can truly explore this game world with sc-fi elements by playing it with a VR headset. This game is a first NetEase VR multiplayer online game that players can play on both platforms PC and VR together.

New epic RPG Battle Breakers released for mobile devices and PC!

Video game developer Epic Games has finally announced the release of a new tactical RPG titled Battle Breakers. The game is available for download for PC and Android as well as iOS devices. Battle Breakers are inspired by 90s cartoons and was created by a small team at Epic Games.

In this game monsters from space have captured the greatest heroes in this world in a technomagical crystal. You as a player with a help of Battle Pass, Hero Store and Skybreaker Quests, have to put together the ultimate ream of super warriors and fight for your planet’s freedom by one break at once. In this game you will be fighting Big Bosses with massive attacks and special abilities.

Battle breakers are available for download for iOS on App Store, Android on Epic Games App or Samsung Galaxy Store and for PC on Epic Games Store.

Black Desert Mobile release date has been announced – December 11

Finally, video game developer Pearl Abyss has announced the global release date for the much-anticipated mobile MMORPG – Black Desert Mobile. The games Black Desert Mobile release date will be December 11. The previous guess for a launch date that everyone saw on App Store was December 12 and well, it was not far from the truth.

The pre-registration for Black Desert Mobile has been open for Android and iOS devices since October 24 and the game has over 2.5 million pre-registrations and the number is still growing. Game developers are hoping to see 3 million pre-registrations and they have exactly one month to achieve this goal. Game creators say: “Spread the word, grab your friends, and let’s work together to reach 3 million!”

Also, as you may know, some lucky people who live in Chile, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey, Ireland, Australia or Canada already can play Black Desert Mobile soft launch version. But if you don’t live in one of these seven countries and have to wait for Black Desert Mobile release date, just know the wait is not long, just one month to go! Pre-register for the game on Google Play or the App Store!

black desert mobile release

Citadel: Forged with Fire – released worldwide on consoles and Steam

The magic open-world RPG titled Citadel: Forged with Fire is now available for purchase worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Steam. The game comes from the developers of Slender: The Arrival – Canadian videogame developer Blue Isle Studios and Virtual Basement.

Citadel: Forged with Fire is a massive online sandbox RPG. The game features elements such as: spellcasting, magic, exploring, crafting and building. Player will start this game as newly minted apprentice of the magic arts. Player will go on to explore the magical and dangerous world of Ignus. The players goal here is to make a name for himself and succeed in notoriety and power among the world’s ruling Houses.

The perks of a sandbox game – you as a player have complete freedom to pursue your destiny. The goal in this game is one but the journey that you will choose to achieve is totally up to you: be an infamous hunter of other players; tame majestic beasts to your bidding; reveal never before seen territories and discover the rich history; build huge castles; create alliances and forge an empire etc.

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Mobile RPG “A Project” now open for pre-registration

A mobile action RPG titleled A Project is now open for pre-registration. The game is developed by Chinese gaming company INUTAN. Pre-registration via Tap is available for all iOS and Android devices. Also if you are to hyped to wait for the game to come out you can do a Chinese questionare and win the chance to take part in the first game test here.

A Project as mentioned before is action packed mobile RPG full of adventures in a multidimensional world. When entering this game players will get to meet a group of young women each with unique personalities. You as a player will be traveling around some unique locations and gather materials and try to help people you will meet on your journey. There will be some typical battles and fishing, harvesting etc.

While you wait for A Project to be released here are some similar games that are already available for download: Spiritwish, Project V4, Magia: Charma Saga.